Shoulder Surgery Recovery – Why You Need to Talk to a Shoulder Specialist

One of the more challenging recoveries that patients face is a rotator cuff repair. Every rotator cuff repair is a little different and every rehab is going to be a little bit different.

One of the most important things that I tell patients to focus on is making sure that they understand exactly what they’re getting into from a clinical standpoint. That they understand their diagnosis. That they’ve looked at the imaging, they’ve seen their arthritis or their rotator cuff tear or their fracture.

As a shoulder specialist I’m able to give them the best current recommendations of how to treat a specific shoulder condition.

There are situations where surgeons who may not be as experienced in different techniques or modalities are trying to handle things that are a little outside of their scope of practice. So you can help minimize some of those risks of having long, prolonged recoveries or not getting the outcome that you want by seeing somebody who focuses all of their effort and time on treating shoulder injuries.

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