Shoulder Specialist vs. General Orthopedic Surgeon

One of the things that really attracted me to shoulder and elbow surgery when I finished my residency training was the evolving indications for some of these shoulder reconstruction procedures, as well as the new technology.

As a shoulder and elbow specialist, I dedicate my time every day to making sure that I’m up to date on the most recent technology and products that are available to treat patients and their shoulder and elbow conditions.

There’s a lot of surgeons who have experience with shoulder surgery, however, there are literature studies that show that complications with shoulder surgery can be minimized by seeing a shoulder trained surgeon who really doesn’t focus on knee or hip or other conditions, but really spends their time dedicated to the shoulder.

The shoulder is the most complex joint in our body, and it requires a lot of continuing education and really need to be prepared to handle anything that you may encounter when you’re in the operating room and trying to help people overcome some of the challenges and conditions that they face.

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Dr. Kyle McClintock

Dr. Kyle McClintock, an Orthopedic Surgeon with practices in Roseville and Folsom, specializes in the shoulder and elbow, aiding patients in resuming their daily activities.

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