Getting to Know Roseville‘s Newest Orthopedic Surgeon

It isn’t very often that someone says that experiencing a serious and painful injury (particularly one requiring major surgery) is the catalyst that sparked their career, but in the case of Dr. Kyle McClintock, that is exactly what happened.

Roseville, California-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. McClintock recalls how tearing his ACL at childhood soccer practice may have been a bit of destiny in motion…

“I remember going to the doctor’s office and looking at the MRI images of my torn ACL with the doctor. And as he scrolled through those images of my knee and explained to me what everything was, and what had happened, and the injury that I had, I was just fascinated with all of it… Seeing that anatomy and hearing him talk to me about what was wrong and how to fix it…”

Then only 13 years old, and many years before becoming a doctor, Kyle McClintock watched a VHS tape of his own ACL surgery over and over again, simply enthralled by what he saw and learned from his own orthopedic surgeon. His passion, along with that very personalized and compassionate medical experience of his youth, led Dr. McClintock to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon and eventually launch his own practice to ensure that his patients received the same care and customized treatment that he had the good fortune to experience at such a young age.

After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in biology, Dr. McClintock attended medical school in Kansas City, followed by an orthopedic surgery residency in St. Louis Missouri, and then a shoulder and elbow fellowship with the CORE Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

His time as both a resident and in his private practice granted him professional orthopedic care and surgical skills in a broad spectrum of orthopedic cases including shoulder and elbow disorders, sports-related injuries, rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, labral repairs, bicep ruptures, fractures, trauma cases, arthroplasty, joint replacements and revision joint replacements.

Ultimately, Dr. McClintock found passion in his niche as a shoulder and elbow specialist, but continues to draw on his broad orthopedic experience and areas of expertise when treating his shoulder and elbow patients.

Recently, Dr. McClintock moved his practice from Modesto, California to Roseville, California after reconnecting with a long-time friend and medical school colleague also practicing orthopedic surgery in Roseville. After an enjoyable visit to the area, Dr. McClintock and his family decided to relocate to Roseville and establish his private practice within a community that he felt really resonated with his family’s active lifestyle. He recalls, “We really liked what we saw in terms of an active patient population, people that were really into outdoor recreational activities like mountain biking, skiing, playing tennis, playing golf, all those things that we really enjoy doing.”

Dr. McClintock is now accepting orthopedic patients and is eager to provide his new patients with a genuinely individualized experience, explaining, “I want to be able to care for patients in a way that I feel good about from the time they walk through my door until the time they are back on the court or back on the slopes or back riding their mountain bike, whatever their activity may be.”

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Dr. Kyle McClintock

Dr. Kyle McClintock, an Orthopedic Surgeon with practices in Roseville and Folsom, specializes in the shoulder and elbow, aiding patients in resuming their daily activities.

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