Can You Swim After Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Swimming is another topic that comes up in clinic with patients as we discuss shoulder replacement surgery. A lot of patients find swimming to be a really good exercise for staying in shape because it’s low impact and they can get a good workout. And I would agree that even postoperatively swimming is a great exercise for your shoulder if done correctly.

Our goal through the treatment process if swimming is something that you love to do is to get your pain and your your range of motion and your strength back to a level where you can get into the pool and even in some scenarios, patients use aquatic therapy to really help them rehab from their shoulder replacement surgery so they can get into the pool, start exercising, start getting strength back start improving their range of motion, and then as they feel like they’re making progress and making good improvement. Then they transition to more of their normal swimming routines and doing those types of activities that bring them joy.

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