Can I Play Golf After Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

If you’re an active individual who loves golf or other outdoor sports, one of the pressing questions that may have crossed your mind is, “Will I be able to return to my favorite activities after a shoulder replacement surgery?”

As an orthopedic surgeon, I’ve encountered numerous patients who share this concern.

Let’s dive into this topic and address the concerns head-on.

Can I Still Play Golf?

Absolutely! A major objective of shoulder replacement surgery is restoring function to the shoulder, enabling patients to resume the activities they dearly love. For those passionate about golf, the worry about being able to complete a backswing, maintain a smooth follow-through, and simply enjoy the game can be quite daunting. But let me assure you, the path to recovery is promising.

I can relate personally to these concerns. Golfing is a sport I’m deeply passionate about. I understand the eagerness to get back on the greens, feel the grip of the club, and hear the satisfying sound of the ball soaring through the air.

The Path to Recovery

By the three-month mark post-surgery, we initiate a program specifically tailored for patients looking to re-enter the world of golf. The program is methodical; it begins slowly, allowing patients to re-familiarize themselves with the motions and techniques. As they progress and regain strength and mobility, the intensity and complexity of the training increase.

It’s important to understand that patience and perseverance are crucial. While the desire to immediately jump back into the game is entirely understandable, the postoperative phase demands caution and gradual progression. This ensures not just a return to the sport, but also a long-lasting and safe participation without setbacks.


Shoulder replacement surgery is not the end of your golfing journey. If anything, it’s a new beginning – an opportunity to rebuild, relearn, and return to the greens with even more zest. The key is to trust the process, engage in recommended post-operative programs, and always keep your eyes on the prize – in this case, that satisfying swing on the golf course. Remember, the ultimate goal is to get you back to doing what you love. Swing away!

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